Terms & Condition

  • A deposit is required to confirm your booking. This transaction can be made by supplying your credit card information over the phone or by bank account depositThe amount of this deposit varies depending on the type of services/packages.
    All prices quoted exclude GST.
  • Once the Amazing Adult Entertainment booking for Any male or female stripper, waitress, packages or any performer has been confirmed and any deposit has been paid. Booking dates and times cannot be changed, or altered by you. No payments made to any performer cannot be refunded by Amazing Adult Entertainment once the performer has left the event Amazing Adult Entertainment is a booking agent only, And all bookings, payments and agreements are made between the client and the Sub-Contracting performer and not with Amazing Adult Entertainment. If you are unhappy with the service that the Performer has provided you must address this issue on the night of the performance, before the performer leaves the venue, With both the performer and a representative of Amazing Adult Entertainment.
  • Images, Footage & Copyright Laws

    There is to be no images and/or footage of artist to be taken, including mobile phone cameras at any time prior, during or at completion of the performance, unless prior authorisation has been granted by the individual artist. If approval is given the ownership of all images of the Artist remain with the Artist at all times and any unauthorised use or replication of their image will be an infringement of Australian Copyright Laws. Any image (still or moving) used without written authorisation from the artist or Amazing Adult Entertainment will be deemed unauthorised usage and will be subject to legal proceedings.

  • Any sexual request, intimidation or advance towards the performer will result in the performance being cancelled IMMEDIATELY WITH NO REFUND. Do not ask our performers for their private phone numbers or request any sexual services at ANY TIME.
  • Booking Deposits are not related to any booking in its entirety.

    Each Booking Deposit is a collection a Service Deposits associated with each individual service within any booking. These Service Deposits make up a total Booking Deposit, and in the event of any refund, will only be refunded as per the Service Deposit amount associated with the refund.

  • For most performances, performers will be accompanied by security personnel. Under no circumstances will these personnel leave the performer unattended, so do not ask them too.
  • In the event that you cannot be contacted on the Mobile Phone Number, or the Alternative Mobile Phone Number provided to Amazing Adult Entertainment (At the time of making a booking), after no more than 30 minutes of the Booking Service Commencement Time, and access to the Booking Venue has Restricted Entry in which the Performer is unable to Freely Enter the Venue, the Service in question may be Cancelled and the Service Deposit relating to that Service within the Booking will be forfeited.
  • In the event that you cancel an booking or service within any booking, or require any alterations to a booking or service within any booking Amazing Adult Entertainmentcannot honour through a lack of availability), the Booking Deposit or Service Deposit associated with a particular service within any booking, will be forfeited and is NON REFUNDABLE.
  • Our performers will not perform outdoors, on grass or on sand. Please provide a covered, clean and flat area for the performance.
  • All guests must behave in a respectful manner towards theAmazing Adult Entertainment performer at all times.

    If the performer is harassed, degraded, insulted, pressured, intimidated, made to feel uncomfortable or assaulted, the performance will be cancelled IMMEDIATELY WITH NO REFUND.

  • If the performer is placed into an environment which could be considered by anyone of reasonable stature to be sexually, physically, or mentally intimidating or threatening by any person, group, or guest of any person or group associated with the booking, the performance will be cancelled IMMEDIATELY WITH NO REFUND.
  • You cannot touch a model/waitress/stripper, unless you are invited to do so Beware of, and be respectful of the performers’ boundaries and do not ‘test’ or ‘overstep’ these boundaries.
  • Public Liability & Insurance Policies

    Amazing Adult Entertainment does not claim any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, injury caused by any sub-contractor provided to the client. Any legal matter is solely between client & sub-contractor. As Amazing Adult Entertainment at no time is deemed to employ the Artist, therefore cannot be held responsible for events occurring during the period of their management, it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure adequate levels of Public Liability Insurance exist to cover all Artist’s used at any / all locations.

    Please Note: Amazing Adult Entertainment is not liable for any loss or liability that may incur, not limited to personal injury and/or loss, for this reason Amazing Adult Entertainment does not require, nor holds, any insurances for artist represented by Amazing Adult Entertainment.

  • If the Amazing Adult Entertainment Performer decides (based on the environment, guests and situation at the time) not to commence the job on the night for any reason, Payment to the Performer is not required, and all monies received by Amazing Adult Entertainment (not the performer or contractor) will be refunded in full. However, once any payment has been made to the performer, and the booking is deemed to have commenced, If ANY of the above rules are broken, at ANY TIME, the performance may be cancelled WITHOUT REFUND at the performers’ discretion.
  • In the event that one or more sub-contracting Amazing Adult Entertainment performers are forced to cancel a booking or service within any booking (where no suitable or acceptable replacement can be found), Amazing Adult Entertainment will REFUND IN FULL any Booking Deposit or Service Deposit associated with a particular service within any booking, unless the booking or service within any booking conflicts with the terms and conditions listed below.
  • Upon payment of any Deposit toAmazing Adult Entertainment, or upon payment of any monies to the Performer, you the client, and any guest of the client are deemed to have accepted agreed and understood to the rules above.
  • Preparations

    Please read carefully we cannot stress to you enough to make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions. At Amazing Adult Entertainment we want to make sure your event runs smoothly for yourself and the entertainer.

  • Prior to entertainer’s arrival

    Entertainers work on a strict timeline and any hold-ups caused by lack of preparation will result in shorter performance time to keep them on schedule. Performers will need a CLEAN, FLAT and SOLID area for their show. If you are hosting a party outside during winter please ensure adequate heating is provided. Ensure a good LOUD sound system is provided. Most performer will have their own CD and/or IPOD so please ensure your system is set up for this. Good lighting is essential. We suggest the lights be dimmed.

  • On entertainer’s arrival

    When your entertainer arrives please allocate a room for him / her to get changed in and store his / her belongings safely. Either a bedroom or bathroom, for the performer to prepare privately. The remainder payment is due on the entertainer’s arrival, in cash, BEFORE any entertainment commences. The performer will give you a CD or iPod for their show. Please test it quietly first while she prepares to ensure there are no issues with it playing. Please ensure the performer’s show area is clear and ready for action. A strong, stable chair is required and is to be placed where you wish for the performer to dance.

  • You’re Guest Rules

    If you break these simple rules, entertainment will be stopped and no refund will be given. Please explain to your guests how you expect them to behave. Girls are not to be touched. Our performers may allow guided touching however this is up to the individual performer and the level of show booked. NO cameras, videos or mobile phones are permitted during the performance. Please respect the privacy of our entertainer’s. You must seek approval from the individual entertainer prior to commencing if you wish to take a photo. Performers are entitled to refuse a level of act booked i.e. XXX shows if females are present. You cannot throw objects during the performance, insult, damage property or obscenely grope, or our performers. They are there to entertain the crowd not be insulted.

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